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To Tinuviel's Sindarin classes. These were orginally developed for Ringquest Forums and have been adapted to a website by Khallandra.

This website aims to provide lessons, quizes and other details about the Elvish Language Sindarin created by JRR Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings and subsequent novels. You can follow the step by step instructions of the classes and do the quizes at the end of the class to build up your knowledge of the language.

Navigating this site is as simple as choosing one of the areas listed between the "- -" at the bottom of the page or clicking on one of the areas btween the "- >" at the top.

The best course for learning the language would be to first read the Introduction and Pronouciation pages before moving through the classes.


This class has been built to the best of my knowledge, I donít own in anyway these languages. I like to share my knowledge to the one who are interested into this fantastic language that only Tolkien can understand in its entirely.

This took me a long time to build and assemble together I hope this will be appreciated and will be helpful. I did this course first for RingQuest forums.

I would like to thank the owner of the website Ardalambion, this is a wonderful resource on the many languages that Tolkien has created and is where I got my first insight into the noble tongue. There is also Gwaith i-phethdain which is another wonderful resource about the Sindarin as well as other tongues of Middle-Earth seen in the Lord of the Rings movies. And lastly a big thank you to Tolkien for bringing this language to life through his Oeuvre.
- Tinuviel (Caroline Gilbert)


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