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Sindarin -> Classes -> Class 14 - Pronoun
Class 14 - Pronoun

We have seen a little bit of them in the verbs part, but there is more then these one!

1st Person sg:

Im = I
-n = this is a ending that we have seen for the verbs,
Nin = me
Nn = my (to note the long )
-en = ending meaning my, can be seen in the song of Aniron, .uren gur + en =my heart, we can see as well on the spell that gandalf try in moria to open the door,.lammen, lam + en = my tongue
Anim = for myself (an = for, im = I *me*)
Enni = to me

2nd person sg:

-ch = this ending we have seen on the verbs only
le = to thee
ln = thy, your

3rd person sg:

e = he dn - dn = his (can cover as well its)
n = his, can be seen on the king`s letter
den = it as object (can cover as well him)

***Two sentences like *i venn sunc haw n and *i venn sunc haw dn would both translate as "the man drank his juice" in English, but the first means "the man drank his (own) juice", while the second means "the man drank his (someone else's) juice***

1st person pl:

-m = we have seen this ending on the verbs
men = we
mn = us
amen = for us (an=for + men=us)
vn = our, ours

2nd person pl:

Same as 2nd person sg

3rd person pl:

-r = ending of verbs
-hain = them, they



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