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Sindarin -> Classes -> Class 06 - Plural
Class 06 - Plural

There is an easy part and happily one of the most common forms of plural beside the prestanneth.

This is used as a group plural, embracing all things of the same name, or associated in some special arrangement, organization.


        Elenath=host of the stars (this one is special since it has been taken from quenya and adapted into sindarin)
        argonath=the pair of royal stone
        perrianath= hobbits (as a race)

Sometime iath is used (etymology )

        Giliath=stars------------------etym: gilYa
        Firiath= mortals--------------- etym: firYa

There are not a lot of them. To the noun that are ending in -nc or -m for some phonological reason, it will change them to -ng and double -mm- when the class plural ATH is add. There is also the final -nt, -nd that will become -nn-

So the class plural of words like

        Ranc (arm)= rangath
        Lam (tongue)= lammath
        Cant (shape)= cannath
        Thond (root)= thonnath

You can notice the changement in the word when the ath is add to it, this is call a Soft Mutations, we will see this in detail later in this documents.

Also since the sound v is spelt f only when he is the final letter of the word,, however, it would be spelt as it is pronounced - simply v - if any ending is appended. Hence the class-plural of a word like ylf "drinking-vessel" must be written ylvath (see page III pronouciations ).

In some case the ending Ėath is seen Ėrim. This is used mostly when it refer to the people. Nogothrim mean the dwarfs.

But like everybody knows, the elves like to play with words since they were born!!! They were enjoying giving names to things so they also developed some special ending for the people that they donít appreciate by adding -hoth.

We can see this in,

        Dornhoth = (Thrawn Folk) *elvish term for dwarves
        Glamhoth = (din-horde) *elvish name for orcs
        Losshoth = (snow-horde) well it seem that the elves didnít like them
        Tol in Gurhoth = (isle of the werewolves.)

So for someone who know elvish and listen to the elves, we might find out just by the way they will end their words that they might not like some people !



Put into plural these words:

1) Gil ----> _____________________

2) Nogoth----> _____________________

3) Lam ----> _____________________

4) Thond ----> _____________________

5) Ylf ----> _____________________

6) Ranc ----> _____________________

7) El ----> _____________________

8) When do you used -hoth? __________________________________________________________________

9) In which case you will used ĖIath? __________________________________________________________________

10) Explain the case of (Ylf)? (I canít say more, if not I am giving away answer __________________________________________________________________



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