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Sindarin -> Classes -> Class 08 - Mutations (nasal)
Class 08 - Mutations (nasal)

This mutation will happen most likely when there is in, an, dan hopefully this happen less often then the soft mutations.

Well the hard things with the Nasal mutations, is that the in, an, dan might change of form as well as the word that follow them this might seem kind of too much for your brain, but I will make a chart at the end so it will be easier to refer to.

1) in, an, dan usually lose the final n. before the words that became by p, t, c and the cluster cl, cr, tr, pr these are as well changing: (Cluster means two letters put together and are considered as one letter.)

        p----- >ph
        t----- >th
        c----- >ch
        cl----- > chl
        cr----- > chr
        tr----- >thr
        pr----- >phr


        claur------ > a chlaur

2) In before the word beginning by b, d, g will give the final n to the word that follow it.

        b----- >m
        d----- >n
        g----- >ng


        belain----- > i melain

an, dan will not change before d , n but will behave differently before b, it will turn the final n into a m


        an + barad ----- > am marad

3)in, an, dan before dr, gl, gr, gw will not change, and the cluster will stay the same as well. In other words, there is no nasal mutations

But it seem that the final n of in, an, dan will be pronounced ng

4) The cluster bl, br will probably become ml, mr following an, in, dan and in this case, an, dan, in will lose there final n


        an + brg----- > a mrg

5) Before a word beginning by m, the preposition an, dan will turn the final n into a m but in will only lose is final n


        an + Meril ------- >am meril

6) Before a word beginning by n, an,dan , itwill not change but in will lose is final n


        In + Negyth ------> I negyth

7) in following a word beginning by s will loose is final n there is something special with dan, an these two will behave differently from what we had seen until now, they will turn there final n into a s :

        dan--- >das, an---- >as


        in + Sedryn ----- > i Sedryn
        an + Silevril ----- > as Silevril

8) This is not 100% attested, but it seem that r will change into dhr this is rarely seen, we can have a look at it when we speak of caradhras caran + rass = caradhrass, and there is also dan,an,in that might produce adh, idh, dadh. You can notice as well that the mutation can occur when we build a word form 2 other word like Caradhras.

9) Before l, the final n of the plural article in disappears, an, dan will change there n into a l


        in + Lais ----- > i lais

10) lh,rh these one or not often seen and are not 100% attested, the h is lost when it undergo a nasal mutation so it become l, r .but it seam that an, dan will become al, dal before a word beginning by lh and change into adh, dah, idh before a rh


        an + lhg ------ > al lug

11) Nasal mutation turns h into ch,. in, an, dan will simply loose there final n


        in + hn ----- > i chin

12 ) (this is not 100% sure) The nasal mutation of hw may follow the same (hypothetical) pattern as lh, rh, it loose the h and an, in, dan will simply loose the n


        an + hwest ----- > a 'west

13) (This is not 100% sure) The sounds th, f seem immune to all sorts of mutations. In will loose is final n but an, dan will turn to ath, dath before a word beginning by th the same goes for f, they will change into af, daf in front of a word beginning by f in this case, final f would actually be pronounced f rather than v


        an + thond ----- > ath thond

I put them in to different categories, one with in and the other one with an, dan

Note: Orginal = In = An-Dan

B = i m = am m
Bl = i ml = a ml
Br = i mr = a mr
C = i ch = a ch
Cl = i chl = a chl
Cr = i chr = a chr
D = i n = an n
Dr = i dr = an dr
F = i f = af f
G = i ng = an ng
Gl = in gl = an gl
Gr = in gr = an gr
Gw = in gw = an gw
H = i ch = a ch
Hw = i w = a w
L = i l = al l
Lh = i l = al l
M = i m = am m
N = i n = an n
P = i ph = a ph
Pr = i phr = a phr
R = idh r = adh r
Rh = idh r = adh r
S = i s = as s
T = i th = a th
Th = i th = ath th
Tr = i thr = a thr



1) Answer the following

an + Meril = __________

an + thond = __________

an + claur = __________

in + belain = __________

in + Lais = __________

Dan + grond = __________

an + Galadh = __________

an + hwest = __________

an + barad = __________

in + hn = __________

Haudh in + Gwanr = Haudh ____________

in + Dredhil = __________

an + brg = __________

an + Silevril = __________

2) Lets make some fun in here; we will look to the sentence that we heard on the movie. I undone them for the purpose of the exercise, now you have to do the right mutations

a) Tangado haid! Leithio in +pilinn
'hold [your] positions! Fire the arrows'

b) Lasto beth nn, tolo dan nan + galad.
'Listen to my word, come back to [the] light.'

c) Anirne hene beriad in + hn n.
'She wanted to protect her child.'



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