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Sindarin -> Classes -> Class 02 - The Genitival Article
Class 02 - The Genitival Article

What is this hmm? Well it used to do a link between 2 words. In sindarin, we don’t need to always specify , per example: Door OF Durin, lord OF Moria… when it is a proper name like Durin, Moria… you just go by order. Ennyn Durin, Door (of) Durin Aran Moria Lord (of) Moria

But it happen that we need something in between. When it happens, you will know it since it will not be a proper name. Mound of the Elf-maid, leap of the deer’s…. in this case we put en (of the). This will be separated by hyphen (-) Haudh-en-Elleth (mound of the elf-maid) it can also take a shorter form like e (of the) in this case he is separated by a single dot ( Narn –e-Dinúviel (tale of the nightingale) .

To know which one to use, it is up to you; there is no rule at this time that I know of. It might happen sometime that the article stay i /in , in a genitival sentence, but really rarely and mostly if it is in the plural form.


Place the good genitival article.

1) Conin Annűn (princes of the west)--> ___________________

2) Methed Glad (end of the wood)--> ___________________

3) Aran Gondor (lord of Gondor)--> ___________________

4) Orthad El (rising of the Star)--> ___________________

5) Haudh Ndengin (hill of Slain)--> ___________________

6) Narn Dinuviel (tale of the nightingale)--> ___________________



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