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Khallandra - Cinema Review
I must say I'm not usually one for musicals, in fact I saw the movie on a bit of a whim, I felt drawn to it and I loved it throughly. Gerard plays an excellent Phantom, I never knew he could sing, let alone so well. The story truly fascinated me, the plight of the Phantom was very touching and despite the fact that he is somewhat of a madman (who wouldn't be in his situation) and likes to kill people by using his Punjab lasso (hence the 'keep your hands at the level of your eyes'). But I still feel sorry for him, that and he's only 'mildly unattractive on one side'. Christine is quite an interesting character too, her confusion over her childhood sweetheart who she has fond memories of and the man who has kept her company over the long years since her father's death. I would truly recommend this movie to everyone and anyone, male, female, all ages, it is a wonderful story told in the most beautiful of ways. That and the soundtrack is truly awesome!

My favourite song on the soundtrack would have to be 'Phantom of the Opera' whilst my favourite scene would have to be The Phantom (also known as Erik) appearing in his own Opera. Whilst my favourite character would be The Phantom of course!

Khallandra - DVD Review
Well okay so the movie is the same and I still really loved it of course. But what else is on the DVD (Region 4)? A nice little documentary on the making of the Phantom called 'Behind the Mask', 'Music of PotO' feature and 4 promotional videos for the original phantom that I think were terribly eighties. The hair, the make-up everything - very 80s. The singing in them was good but I think I prefer the raw edges to the movie version and the 'special effects' were so funny! Sea gulls? What is romantic about sea gulls? Anyway I still love the movie and relish having it on DVD to watch over and over again.

Khallandra - Movie Soundtrack Review
I have the extended edition with some of the 'talking parts' Lot 665 then and the best song has to be the complete Don Juan, Point of No Return section - I just love that music. I like Gerard's raw power in his voice, it might not be technically perfect but the emotion is there, he almost seems like he is shouting at times (true Scottsman). I can listen to this soundtrack over and over again. I actually have taken bits of the soundtrack to make the sounds on my computer such as The Phantom saying 'Welcome' as a start up sound, Raoul with 'I take it that you sent me this note' as a new email sound, Carlotta 'croaking' as my error messages and The Pahntom screaming 'This is the POint of No Return' as my shut down sound. I have a bunch of others but i wont bore you with the details. Anyway awesome soundtrack, if you can get either the extended or the smaller version - I recommend both!

Khallandra - "Phantom" by Susan Kay
I managed to find this at my local library (so please don't ask me to sell it to you, I've already taken it back) and I really enjoyed it. It starts with Erik's birth to the horror of his widowed mother Madeline, when it is revealed that he has no nose and looks like a 'corpse'. She makes him a mask and basically tries to ignore him. It becomes very clear how clever and artistically minded he is, but due to his appearance he woudl find it very difficult to get a chance to learn anything. He runs away at 9 and joins a gypsy troop as a side show attraction (not something he really wanted to do but rather was forced to do), but in being with the gypsies he learns many things. After leaving them he has a number of 'adventures' and dark times, learning the art of stone masonary and being an 'attraction' to the shah of Persia. He finds out that an opera house is being built in Paris and quickly goes to 'offer his services' to the winning architect (and being rather annoyed with himself for not realising that a competition had taken place for its design). It takes him many years, a war and seige force him to abide underneath his beloved theatre until the building can get finished. He stays in the shadows, forging himself as O.G., Phantom of the Opera, but when he sees young Christine he finds himself drawn to her... It's an incredable story of Erik's past and I throughly enjoyed it. If you can get your hands on it read it, but don't try eBay it's too expensive there.

ladyfox7oaks - Kopit and Yeston's PHANTOM
The tale is different from the one that many of use are used to. It is most definitely NOT ALW. This story- while still taking place in the Paris Opera House- starts earlier than ALW's in that it shows how Christine and Erik might have met- an omission even in Leroux's work. In it's own way- it is sadder than ALW's piece because it asserts that Erik- deformity and all- was born IN the Paris Opera House and raised there. He is more innocent and while murder is still committed- it is not clear that Erik actually DID the deed.
Further- this Phantom has a wicked sense of humor- (a point I loved,) to drive La Carlotta from the Opera- he puts fleas in her wigs- just before she goes on-stage, glues props to trays, and generally helps her make an A** of herself. (Not much is needed.) His Father is there, though he does not know it, and this point makes for some more of the plot tension, besides the Count/Christine plot we all know variations of.
Now- don't get all outraged- ALW phans- This is a different point of view and should be judged on its own merits- not in comparison to ALW's work. To wrap this up shortly- those who have seen the Charles Dance/ Burt Lancaster made for TV movie- will be familiar with this version of the story- but not the music- since CBS did not see fit to use it. A mistake - I feel, since the music is part of the soul of this version of the story we all know and love. An Excellent play, and currently available for community theatres to produce.

Rainbowz Dreamz - Movie (DVD) and Delux Soundtrack
Gerry Butler makes a great Phantom, and Emmy is a lovely Chrstine. I have watched it at least 12 time now!! Andrew Lloyd Webber has made the Phantom seem a tragic lover, not a hideous beast of horror. It is so heartbreaking at the end I cried *snifs*
I can't belive Emmy is only 16! She looks so much older!! Plus she has been doing opera since she was, like 7! I'd love to have her voice!
My fave characters are the phantom (nach) and Christine (nach again!) and La Carlotta. I love this movie so much I sing it like all the time! I want to go and see it at the theatre, but I am kind of afraid that the Phantom or Christine won't be as good as Emmy or Gerry.
I keep boring my mates with my constant singing, and saying stuff like \"You should really see this\" and \"Emmy's only 16!\" and \"I can't belive that Gerry couldn't sing on stage like before the movie!\" I'd LOVE to actually meet both Emmy and Gerry!!


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