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Before you get annoyed that these bios are not 'accurate' please be aware that these are 2004 movie based, I have not included book bios or the original book bio only what can be gleemed from the 2004 movie.

The Phantom played by Gerard Butler
The Phantom (actually named Erik) was cast out by his mother at a young age and doomed to life as a carnival attraction, until a young Madame Giry, a student of ballet at the opera house helps him escape and hides him in the bowels of the opera house, from the world and its cruelties. There he stays, making it his home and artistic domain. His genius in the musical arts, architecture and 'wizardry' grows as the years pass, but he longs for something more, the touch of a worthy woman. When Christine Daare comes to live at the opera house he teaches her to sing, whispearing songs to her in her sleep, becoming her friend and teacher. When she shines he comes out of his shadows and shows himself to her, luring her with his voice and presence. She follows him without a thought, her Angel of Music is taking her away. When Christine takes off his mask he is fearful then sad, he takes her back to her home, knowing she isn't quite ready yet and instructs the owners to make her their new star. When he is disobeyed, he murders Buquet and makes his point. After Christine betrays him with Raoul, the Phantom retreats into his lair, writing an opera. He returns on New Years with his proposal and the rest try to ensnare him in a trap. But the Phantom is too clever, he kills Piangi and takes his place on the stage next to Christine and begs her to come with him, love him, show him a different world. She pulls his mask off and he takes her back to his lair, his prize, until Raoul comes. Ensnaring Raoul, he tries to make Christine choose, Christine chooses him after much anguish, saving Raoul in the process. As the sounds of the mob come down the hall, The Phantom tells Christine and Raoul to go, to forget everything that has happened. Christine leaves but comes back, leaving him a token of her affection. The Phantom smashes his mirrors and secretly escapes the opera house as the mob approach. He leaves the token, a ring, wrapped in his signature rose tied with a black ribbon on her grave, displaying his never ending affection for her.

Christine played by Emmy Rossum
Christine, the daughter of a violinist, is orphaned and is taken in by the ballet school in the opera house. There she learns the art of singing from the 'Angel of Music' who sings songs in her head as she sleeps. After taking the stage, making herself a star she follows the Phantom into his lair, when she wakes she finds the Phantom and takes off his mask. As he rages at her she cowers, both afraid and mystified by this man, this alluring man. After he kills, she fears him and runs away with Raoul, not knowing that the Phantom knows, he sees, he plots. During the 3 month absence of the Phantom, Christine becomes a star, winning the hearts of the audience and Raoul alike, secretly becoming engaged to him. But the Phantom returns, saying she belongs to him. Fearful and confused Christine runs to her father's grave for support and is once again lured by the Phantom's voice but she is stopped by Raoul, who fights the Phantom, but just before striking the final blow, Christine stops him, she still feels something for her teacher and mentor. She takes her place in the Phantom's opera, when he comes on stage she is fearful but soon swoons to him, agreeing to stay with him, be with him, show him a different world. She calmly takes off his mask, his face does not frighten her, when he takes her to his lair and ensnares Raoul, her feelings of pity dissolve into hate then back into love. She wishes to show him a world he has never seen, but he rejects her in confusion as the mob approaches. Christine leaves with Raoul, only to come back to the Phantom with a token of her affection. We learn at the end that she had lived a long life with Raoul becoming a mother as well.

Raoul played by Patrick Wilson
Vicomfe, childhood sweetheart of Christine, patron of the opera house. After seeing Christine perform her beautiful aria, he falls for her once again. But when the Phantom takes her away he realises something is up. Once the Phantom kills, he vows to protect Christine and they become secretly engaged. After the Phantom returns, proclaiming Christine to be his, Raoul begs Madame Giry to tell him the truth. Upon learning the truth, he follows Christine to the cemetery and stops her from going with the Phantom, but is stopped from the killing blow by Christine. Raoul comes up with a plan to ensnare 'their clever friend', he plots to have the Phantom captured at the end of his opera. But the Phantom outsmarts him, killing Piangi and taking his place on the stage. Raoul follows the pair down into the Phantom's lair, where he is caught by the Phantom and used as leverage. Once Christine chooses the Phantom, Raoul is confused went he Phantom tells them to leave together. Throughout his marriage to Christine, Raoul knows, that there is always a special place in her heart for the dark man who lived under the opera. So he buys the monkey music box and places it on her grave, only to find that the Phantom had left a token as well.

Madame Giry played by Miranda Richardson
In her youth, as a ballet student living in the opera house, she helps a young boy escape from the carnival and hides him in the bowels of the opera house. She keeps his secret over the years, never telling anyone the whole truth until his madness boils to the surface and she tells Raoul and shows him the Phantom's secrets. Warning him to keep this hand 'at the level of your eyes'. As an aged woman she sees the Vicomfe again, at the old opera house, both remembering the past.

Firmin played by Ciarán Hinds and Andre played by Simon Callow
The pair take over the administration of the opera house, with the help of their patron of course. They refuse to abide by the Phantom's rules, constantly trying to outwit the genius. When he appears with his demands, they ignore him, until he strikes and they realise that the stories are true. They rejoice after 3 months of his absence and plot with Raoul on his return to capture him. When the Phantom makes his grand appearance and the chandelier crashes to the ground they cry 'We are doomed!'.

Piangi played by Victor McGuire
Male star of the opera and husband to Carlotta. He is quite tubby and getting past his prime as well, leaving a space open for the talented Phantom, but when he is in the Phantom's way, he is killed.

Meg Giry played by Jennifer Ellison
Childhood friend and fellow ballerina and chorus girl to Christine and daughter of Madame Giry. She tries to help Christine but is clearly out of her league, she knows the Phantom is real and is after Christine but doesn't let herself believe it.

Buquet played by Kevin McNally
Stagehand of the opera, he is often blamed for the Phantom's 'accidents'. Once he sees the Phantom, he becomes the instrument of the Phantom's demonstration.


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