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Welcome to Khallandra's Phantom of the Opera page, dedicated to the movie version of the classic story. This site contains information on the movie, including character bios, multimedia and reviews as well as a vast collection of links. If you are looking for books and theatre production information I have only read Susan Kay's 'Phantom' so everything is movie based.

About the Movie

At the end of 2004 the movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera hit theatre screens all over the world. It captivated audiences everywhere, those that had red the book, or seen the theatre version, to 'newbies' who were intrigued.

It starts at an auction in the old opera house, where the chandler that was the 'prop' of a mystery of the Phantom of the Opera. The audience is then taken back in time, before the said events, where the opera house is full of activity, new owners have bought the place and the gala is being made for the night. Mysteriously a curtain falls on the lead soprano who stalks out vowing not to do the show, in a coupe young Christine, a chorus girl, takes the lead and sings her way into the hearts of the audience. But her teacher, a mysterious 'Angel of Music' takes her into his lair, crooning her, luring her, a man with only half a face, the mysterious 'Phantom'.

The Phantom sends many letters to various people, giving instructions on how 'his' opera is to be run and how Christine should now play the lead. Of course they ignore him and he stages a terrible 'accident'. Fearing for her life Christine takes the young lord Raoul, her childhood sweetheart, to the rooftops where he vows to protect her from the Phantom.

After 3 months of no accidents, everyone thinks the Phantom is gone, but on new years at the masquerade ball, the Phantom returns, with his new opera, 'Don Juan', to which Christine must play the lead. Fearfully Christine runs to her father's grave, where the Phantom lies in wait, only Raoul, after learning the terrible truth behind the man in the mask, manages to stop him from taking her again.

Raoul comes up with a plan to capture the Phantom at the performance of his play, but the Phantom is to smart for that and sings on stage to Christine, luring her with his voice yet again and running away with her in his arms after she pulls his mask off on stage. Raoul quickly follows and finds himself in the Phantom's lair. Christine must choose between saving Raoul or condemning them both to death.

Brilliantly executed and sung by all those in the movie, Emmy and Gerard make a compelling pair, the confused Christine and the tortured Phantom (actually named Erik but this is not mentioned in the movie). Together their voices lift the movie to new heights, drawing cheers from fans of old and fans of new alike.


Gerard Butler as The Phantom
Emmy Rossum as Christine
Patrick Wilson as Raoul
Miranda Richardson as Madame Giry
Minnie Driver as Carlotta
Ciarán Hinds as Firmin
Simon Callow as Andre
Victor McGuire as Piangi
Jennifer Ellison as Meg Giry
Murray Melvin as Reyer
Kevin McNally as Buquet
James Fleet as Lefevre

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