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What is Gliadin?
Funny thing is, Gliadin is actually a protein, so if you have surfed here, looking up the protein gliadin, then you are definately in the wrong place and this is a prime example of what bored science students come up with when they are waiting for a transformation to occur.
The protein is a constiuent of the wheaten gluten product that quite a lot of people are allergic to. In doing research, Khallandra and her friend found an article on "Assay of gliadin using real-time immunopolymerase chain reaction" and this sparked a debate on whether "Gliadin" was a male or female elf's name and hence Gliadin as you see him was born.
What originally was a joke spawned the idea in Khallandr'a mind and sparked the complex website and character that you have become privy to. In the coming months Khallandra hopes to expand upon Gliadin's character and stories simply for the fun of it and the experience as well.

Who is Khallandra?
Well Khallandra is a 21 year old Uni student who lives in Australia and has suprisingly little time on her hands doing a double degree and working as a computer programmer at a local company. But she still finds the time (still not sure how) to create her websites and maintain them but she will always admit that sometimes they just seem to slip away from time to time. Khallandra has a very warped sense of humour and attaches herself to the strangest of characters and doesn't seem to let go. That and she spends way too much time doing photo- manips but has heaps of fun doing so. In writing and maintaining the Gliadin website, Khallandra hopes to gain experience and feedback on both her web development/design skills as well as writing skills. Please visit Khallandra's Domain for more websites in her string of websites.

All images and stories of this site are property of Khallandra and can not be used without the express permission of the author or by following the rules mentioned. Gliadin is a no profit website and has no affliation with Tolkien Enterprises in anyway what so ever. The characters used that are found in any of JRR Tolkien's works are the property of the said Enterprise, including all settings. Gliadin and any 'new' characters are the brain children of Khallandra and are created purely for the entertainment of others.