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The Dinner

Amaldeth escorted Gliadin into the function room, the former wearing nondescript Sindar clothing, the latter wearing a dark blue gown that reached the floor, covering his bare feet, his hair hanging delicately around his shoulders, his feminine features accentuated subtlety but effectively. Another Elf bumped into Amaldeth and walked on.
“Rude,” Amaldeth muttered.
The elf turned around, his dark eyes that matched his dark hair appraising the pair with a sneer, “Sindar I'm guessing?”
Amaldeth nodded defiantly, “Yes, got a problem with that?”
The other Elf laughed, “No no problem at all,” with that he just walked away.
Amaldeth held onto Gliadin more tightly, “Don't even think about it, that one reeks of friends.”
“Just ignore Gwindor, he has always been a rather moody one,” Finrod spoke from behind them a slight frown playing his soft features, “Perhaps you should change Gliadin, I plan to announce the news you brought tonight and your current garb will not suffice.”
“Spoil-sport,” Gliadin breathed and quickly left the pair only to be stopped by Gwindor at the door.
“Leaving so soon pretty?”
“Get out of my way, I have no time for this,” Gliadin replied shoving the other Elf with force.
Surprised Gwindor didn't let up and followed the 'maid' to her rooms, but Gliadin knew he was following and smiled, 'Gwindor' was going to be in for a shock. After several minutes, Gliadin exited the room, his hair tied neatly back, his features now hard and his clothing much the same as Amaldeth's. He walked past Gwindor's spot.
“What you are looking for is not there, Gwindor of Nargothonrod,” Gliadin said.
Gwindor stepped out of the shadows, “You were posing as the woman?”
Gliadin shrugged, “It has it's uses.”
“I'll bet. I'm guessing your the one in charge of your mission not that young one?”
“Then perhaps you can answer me this. Are Orcs running prolific in the world, we have seen them many times on our borders, but they have not found us yet. Some elves have gone missing but we would die before allowing our location to get out.”
“Well I'm guessing that is a good thing, or is it a threat? Look I have no idea how I even got here, after the first turn I was lost and that is saying something.”
Gwindor pursued his lips briefly before continuing, “Okay, I believe you.” He paused again, “You did look stunning as a female though.”
Gliadin grinned, “I know.”
The pair walked back to the dinning hall in silence, both acknowledging the bond that they had just formed.

Amaldeth stood up to let Gliadin slide past him whilst Gwindor made his way to the other end of the table, sparing a quick glance at the Sindar. Amaldeth leaned into Gliadin, “Did that Gwindor follow you?”
“Yes, he is just worried for his city, much like we are with our realm,” Gliadin replied.
Some of the other Elves glared at Gliadin wondering where this new elf had come from and what news he brought, none of them ever associating the newcomer with the elf maid that had just left.
Finrod stood and the whole room went quiet, “Fellow elves, I present to you two of the Sindar from the beautiful realm of Doriath that I have had the distinct pleasure of visiting on many occasions. These Elves are our kin and we shall treat them as such.”
The other elves in the hall toasted the new comers, some smiling but most impassive, visitors from a distant realm can only bode evil.
“But as you all may have guessed our visitors are not here on pleasurable business, they bring news that the forces of Morgoth are growing larger, dragons and orcs have been seen between our two great realms and we all have heard the reports of fell things on our own borders. Morgoth is up to something and I plan to find out what.”
The whole room hushed as Finrod sat back down, not one person daring to breathe let alone speak.
“And how are we going to do that my Lord?” asked Gwindor from his end of the table.
Finrod sighed slightly before turning his gaze to the elf, “I will ask for volunteers, to venture into the reaches of the land to find out more.”
Gwindor swallowed, “I will do it.”
Finrod nodded, “Thank you Prince Gwindor,” he raised his head to address the others, “Anyone else?”
A mirad a elves stood proclaiming that they would help as well, Finrod's face loosing some of its glow with each proclamation, knowing that he would not see many of the volunteers again after they left.

After a series of elves had declared that they would do their lords task, the feast was brought out and the room burst into hushed whispers. Gwindor made his way up to the table and stood between Finrod and Gliadin, “My Lord, I must ask what are you going to do with these two Sindar?”
“I plan on taking them out of the city myself, I need them to deliver a message to Thingol and my sister for me, I dare not leave the city for more than a moment that I have to.”
“Then let me take them out of the city, I was planning on going in their direction anyway, I can travel with them for a time before going on my way.”
Finrod nodded, “Yes that would be good, thank you Gwindor.”
The dark haired elf nodded and bowed before retaking his seat at the far end of the table.
“That one is full of loyalty, though a darkness covers him, I fear something terrible is going to happen to him.”
Gliadin nodded, “I feel it also, but to me it feels a distance off.”
Finrod nodded, the pair falling into silence for the rest of the evening, Gliadin barely noticing the feast around him as he contemplated what he was going to do.

Gwindor bowed to his lord and picked up his things, “I shall return within a month with news of the eastern regions.”
Finrod nodded his head and passed a satchel to Gliadin, “One is for Thingol, the other for my sister, I trust you will get these safely to them.”
Gliadin accepted the satchel and nodded, “Yes My Lord, thank you for your hospitality, I hope that next time we meet it is in happier circumstances.”
“I hope so too Gliadin, I wish I could see the faces of the Feanorian princes again when you revealed yourself, I nearly burst some blood vessels trying not to laugh at their 'wooing' you.”
Gliadin smiled, “I wish for those times again too.”
The group lapsed into silence, each knowing that dark times were ahead of them and their was nothing they could do to stop it. Gwindor bowed again before making his way down the path, Almadeth following, Gliadin making up the rear, leaving Finrod standing by the edge with a melancholy face.

Within moments Gliadin and Amaldeth were completely and utterly lost, relying completely on Gwindor to show them the way. After several hours of traveling it had become dark and Gwindor called a stop.
“There we are now out of the city.”
Gliadin nodded and took a sip of his drink before replacing it in his bag, “We could be a few metres away from the city centre and I wouldn't know it,” he replied with a grin.
Gwindor grinned back, “I know, I took you on the most windy path I could think of.”
Gliadin hardened up again, “So I guess you will be leaving us now, what with your mission and all.”
Gwindor shrugged, “I think I might still accompany you two, heck I've grown used to your presence already.”
Gliadin shrugged back, “Okay, then lead the way.”

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