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Name: Gliadin Triticus
Race: Sindar Elf from Doriath
Sex: Male [Female]
Height: 175cm
Eyes: Golden brown
Hair: Long dark, curly, very shiny hair (cause he's worth it)
Build: Tall and slender, very feminine looking, sharply defined nose, big eyes, thin arched eyebrows.

Personality: Gliadin is very kind and caring person who is somewhat flamboant at times but other times very pensive and quiet. He knows when to butt in and when to stay out of things that are not his buiness. He gets along famously with the female Elves but draws strange looks from the males. He delights in dressing up as a woman when other Elves come to visit Doriath (which is less often) or when he goes visiting other cities with Thingol, Luthien or Melian (much more often). He doesn't like warfare all that much, declinging to learn the ways of the bow (damages his fingers too much) or sword (sharp pointy things scare him) but instead has a piercing scream and is deadly with small throwing knives. Because of his slight build he is often mistaken for being a women even when he is in male clothing and has a rich baratone when he speaks normally, but he usually speaks in a husky voice that can be both male and female at the same time. He doesn't spend all of his time cross dressing and is a close friend of the great Beleg, who is actually his cousin and Beleg is about the only Elf who truely knows Gliadin and has ever heard him speak in his normal voice. Some of the other Marshwarden's hassle Gliadin, thinking him just too strange, but Gliadin never takes it to heart, instead letting it wash off of his back. He is very flirtaous and a bit of a prankster.

Strengths: Quiet and unobtrusive, a great actor who can play any role. He often fools even the most observant person with his deception and dress ups. Very good knife thrower. When necessary he can be deadly serious.

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