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Please link to this site using either a textual link to with the name:
"K-Dom: Brushes".
To affiliate please put up the link before contacting me at K-Dom or Graphiccan.


Always looking for more affiliates.

Brush Sites

Art Sites

  • Deviant Art
  • Need more. Do you have any?

    Examples of Brush Use

  • K-Dom: Angel of Music
  • Starlantis
  • Buttons


    Terms and Conditions

  • Do not use brushes in a commercial nature without asking express permission
  • Must reference this website when using the brushes
  • Do not redistrubute the brush/ brush-sets or straight stamps of these brushes

    This site was designed by Khallandra © 2005
    All brushes on this site are subject to the terms and conditions, no profit is to be made from the sale of these brushes or by using them commerically.