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How To Guide

Add Brushes to PSP
1. Unpack brushes - extract the zip file into "My Documents/My PSP8(9) Files/Brushes"
2. Open up Jasc Software
3. "File->Import->Custom Brushes"
4. "Open" - Navigate to "My Documents/My PSP8(9) Files/Brushes" and select the brushes you wish to add
5. "Add All" - if a brush of the same name already exists an error dialogue box will appear just hit "ok" - THESE BRUSHES WILL NOT BE ADDED
6. "Okay" - brushes are now all set

If the brush does not appear in the list you may need to re-import it and restart the program.


Create Brush Tip PSP
1. Make your selection - recommmend having white background and black/grey the image you wish to make a 'stamp' of - brushes are effectively
stamps and must be thought of as such
2. Make sure it's width or height does not exceed 500px - if it does you will need to Image Resize it to these dimensions
3. Click on brush tip top bring down the selection, next choose the icon (pictured right) to make a brush out of the section
4. Give the brush a meaningful name and add your name as the author and any other details you wish to add

Add Brushes to PS
1. Open Adobe Photoshop
2. Click "Brushes" then the little sideways arrow ">"
3. "Load Brushes"
4. "Open" - Navigate to the brushes you wish to add (.abr file)
5. "Load"

Create Brush Tip PS
1. Select layer and area
2. "Edit->Define Brush Preset"
3. Give Brush meaningful name
4. To Save Brush Set
    4.1. Click "Brushes" then the little sideways arrow ">"
    4.2. "Preset Manager"
    4.3. Select brush tips (holding down Ctrl for more than one)
    4.4. "Save Set"
    4.5. Give meaningful name "Save"

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2. Contact me about this by using the contact form found at K-Dom

If you have any other questions about graphic programs, creating brushes, PSP in general or want to show off your work please visit Graphiccan. Are you a graphiccan or a graphiccant?


Terms and Conditions

  • Do not use brushes in a commercial nature without asking express permission
  • Must reference this website when using the brushes
  • Do not redistrubute the brush/ brush-sets or straight stamps of these brushes

    This site was designed by Khallandra © 2005
    All brushes on this site are subject to the terms and conditions, no profit is to be made from the sale of these brushes or by using them commerically.