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Brush Set - Sparklers I

The first of the sparkler brush series. With grunge brushes becoming one of the most popular and most sought out brush sets, I have created something a little different. Just as 'dirty' but a little more fun. These brushes were created by taking photos of sparklers at night time with a slow shutter speed, then cleaned up a little in order to create brushes out of the sparkles. Various shapes were explored including a straight line, some curves then some more eleborate moves.

Possible Uses:
There are a number of different uses for these brushes, they can be the finishing tough on a piece or the highlight. They can be used to both overpower or understate an image. Like grunge brushes, they 'dirty' up the image, but with a little more 'sparkle' ;)


[Download Brush Here]


Terms and Conditions

  • Do not use brushes in a commercial nature without asking express permission
  • Must reference this website when using the brushes
  • Do not redistrubute the brush/ brush-sets or straight stamps of these brushes

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