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Brush Set - Lord of the Rings

The first of my Lord of the Rings collection. Images derived from the various visual dictonaries and 'complete guides'. I did not create these images and they are the property of Weta Digital, New Line Cinema and the Designers. They can be used for any purpose, I do not make a profit from distributing them, just want to make the icons a little more fun. There is a collection of icons such as the white tree, gandalf's rune, hobbit logo and an elf logo. The two necklaces were taken from images of the elven jewelery, whilst the rohirrim horses were taken from the banners used in the film.

Possible Uses:
There are many possible uses of any of these brushes, they are very useful when making icons, banners, wallpapers to do with Lord of the RIngs or anything you should so choose. The white tree is one of the most useful of the icons and can be used in a number of different circumstances.


[Download PSP Brush Here]

[Download PS Brush Here]


Terms and Conditions

  • Do not use brushes in a commercial nature without asking express permission
  • Must reference this website when using the brushes
  • Do not redistrubute the brush/ brush-sets or straight stamps of these brushes

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